Bruce Allen

For more than thirty-seven years, Bruce Allen has been a cornerstone in the Canadian entertainment industry, guiding the careers of musicians, producers, and sports figures. Due to Bruce’s shrewd judgment of talent, Bruce Allen Talent has become one of the most powerful management agencies in North America.

A native of Vancouver’s Dunbar neighbourhood, Allen attended the University of British Columbia, where he studied labour relations and considered a career as a union organizer. His love of music however, took precedent, and in 1966 he formed a booking agency and proceeded to build a company that controlled most of the live music in clubs, high schools and universities by the early 1970’s. The company was the forerunner of Sam Feldman and Associates, the partner Bruce brought into the company when his focus turned to management.

Bruce’s clients include the likes of Randy Bachman, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, Martina McBride, Anne Murray, Michael Bublé, Jann Arden, & producer Bob Rock

His enthusiasm for sports also brought about relationships with Canadian Olympic boxing medalist Dale Walters; NASCAR Rookie of the Year driver Chad Little and the 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalists for women’s curling, Team Law. In 2006, Bruce served as a board member for the World Junior Hockey Championships. He also sat on the creative team for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games held in Vancouver this past February. In April of 2010, Allen became a member of the Grey Cup committee that brought the famed football championship to Vancouver in 2011.