Vancouver Giants 10 Question Battle: Shepard VS. Shepard

In today’s 10 Question Battle, we learn which Shepard brother is the better cook, the faster skater and which brother would spend $100 the fastest.


1) Who would cook the better fancy dinner?

Jack: Cole for sure. 100 percent Cole. I can make some eggs and toast, but that’s about it.

Cole: Yeah, I have to agree. Jack just makes eggs. My specialty is chicken and some pasta.

2) Who takes longer to get ready?

Cole: That’s a tough one. On a daily basis I probably take longer because Jack’s more of a  ‘Straight out of bed and start the day’ kind of guy. I like to take my time.

Jack: Cole’s always up a bit earlier, but he definitely takes his time. But right when I get up I’m ready to go and in “go mode” so thats me.

3) Who’s the faster skater?

Jack: I’ve been asked this a lot. I truly do think Cole is, especially with the puck. I think I have quicker feet but in a longer distance race, for sure Cole.

Cole: In a straight line I think Jack’s got me. But skating side to side and crossing over I may get a slight edge. That’s a tough one though for sure.

4) Who has the better style?

Cole: Jack one hundred percent. His closet is worth twice as much as mine. He’s got an edge on me there.

Jack: Yeah most of the money coming my way is going towards the clothes I want.

5) Who’d win in a game of NHL 20?

Jack: We’re more of a Call of Duty family. But if we did play NHL our little brother Will would beat us both.

Cole: Definitely Will. He pounds us. (Will is 12).

6) Who’d win in a game of Survivor?

Jack: I love that show. We’re both pretty mentally tough. I think I’d probably win that one just because I’m a little more aggressive. I would win the reward challenges to keep my body in check.

Cole: I think I’d win. I’d out-think a lot of people. I think I could out-think a lot of people and win. I’m a big fan of the show.

7) Who has the better breakaway moves?

Cole: I’d take that one. Jack has good hands but I think I got him on that one.

Jack: There’s no debating this one. Cole’s got this one.

8) Who would win in a long-distance race?

Jack: I’m heavier than Cole so it might be tougher for me. Our conditioning is both pretty good.

Cole: Jack’s cardio is really good. I’d give that to him in a long distance race off the ice.

9) Who’s the better story teller?

Cole: Jack is definitely the social butterfly,

Jack: Cole is a bit more quiet. I’m definitely the talker.

10) If you both found 100 bucks lying on the ground, who would spend it the fastest?

Jack: Me for sure! Cole actually knows how to save money and it’s a great habit that I haven’t learned yet. Cole would throw it right into his pocket and wait.

Cole: I have to agree. I don’t like to spend a lot of money. My teammates would agree. I’ll spend it on food and going out, but other than that I don’t like to spend money. I think Jack would take it downtown to a nice store and it wouldn’t last long.



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