Vets Come Up Big as Grey & Black go to OT

VANCOUVER, BC – Day 4 of Giants training camp is now in the books, and it’s getting even more feisty out there, as vets and rookies alike compete for the right to play in Wednesday’s intra-squad game, and ultimately a chance to be a full-time Giant come the season-opener on September 21st.

The schedule has calmed down finally after 3 very hectic days for all involved. Each day now contains two practices in the morning, one for Grey and one for Black, then a goalie session in the early afternoon, a few hours break, and then a Grey vs Black scrimmage at 5 o’clock. The only exception to this will be Wednesday when the intra-squad game is played at 7 o’clock.

Today’s scrimmage was one of the tightest ones of the whole camp, with the two teams appearing evenly matched. Once again the game was divided into 3 mini-games, each 20 minutes in length, stoppage time.

In the 1st mini-game, there was only 1 goal, and that was provided by the Giants import draft pick from this year, Ales Kilnar (93). Angus Redmond (95) got the shutout for Black, while Brandon Stone (93) gave up the lone goal for Grey.

The second mini-game finished in a 1-1 dead-lock, with defenseman Tyler Morrison (95) potting one for Black and forward Nicholas Jones (96) responding for Grey. Jackson Whistle (95) was in net for Black, meanwhile Tyler Fuhr (95) was between the pipes for Grey.

The third mini-game saw the offense come alive, with the Grey team pulling it out 3-2. Ales Kilnar (93) found the back of the net again for Black, as did returning forward Anthony Ast (95). For Grey, it was another returning forward who had a big impact, as Brodyn Nielsen (94) lit the lamp and while Matt Grant (93) added the other for the victory. Payton Lee (96) gave up the 3 goals for Black, while Liam Liston (93) gave up a pair for Grey.

Since the teams each won one mini-game and tied the other one, there was an extra 5 minute period added on at the end. Liam Liston (93) stayed in net for Grey, while Angus Redmond (95) got the call for Black. Liston again gave up 2, while Redmond impressed yet again, pitching another goose-egg. The 2 Black goals were scored by Scott Cooke (94) and Cain Franson (93). Both goaltenders looked strong in the 5-man shootout that completed the scrimmage. There was only 1 goal scored on 10 overall attempts, and that was again by Scott Cooke (94) from Team Black.

Like mentioned earlier, it was a feisty game. Taylor Makin (92) got hurt in the game and is now day-to-day, meanwhile a couple of vets were involved in fisticuffs. After Team Black’s Blake Orban (94) threw what appeared to be a hit from behind on a member of Team Grey, Nathan Burns (94) responded and dropped the gloves with Orban in a scrap that must have had the Giants coaching staff and fans holding their breaths.

At the end of it all, there was only one release made and that was forward Mitch Foyle (96) who was re-assigned to the BCHL’s Trail Smoke-Eaters.

With Foyle’s release and Makin’s injury, that will reduce both the Grey & Black roster by 1 player moving forward to Monday’s practices and scrimmage.

Here is what the team’s look like as of right now:



#14 Taylor Makin (92) – INJ
#19 Nathan Burns (93)
#17 Jackson Houck (95)
#9 Matt Grant (93)
#20 Thomas Foster (96)
#7 Matt Bellerive (94)
#23 Brodyn Nielsen (94)
#24 Austil Vetterl (94)
#12 Landon Gross (96)
#25 Jack Surbey (95)
#11 James Severs (96)
#10 Nicholas Jones (96)
#16 Carter Popoff (95)

#5 Wes Vannieuwenhuizen (92)
#4 Reid Zalitach (96)
#8 John Niebrandt (92)
#6 Shaun Dosanjh (96)
#20 Tyler Leicht (96)
#3 Kiefer McNaughton (93)

#33 Liam Liston (93)
#31 Tyler Fuhr (95)
#41 Brandon Stone (93)


#16 Taylor Vickerman (96)
#25 Jordan Martinook (92)
#22 Ales Kilnar (93)
#21 Cain Franson (93)
#18 Anthony Ast (95)
#9 Dalton Sward (94)
#23 Logan Harland (95)
#15 Riley Kieser (93)
#10 Scott Cooke (94)
#19 Charles Lillies (94)
#20 Wyatt Johnson (95)

#8 Tyler Morrison (95)
#6 David Musil (93)
#2 Brett Kulak (94)
#5 Brett Griffin (94)
#26 Jake Kohlhauser (96)
#4 Blake Orban (94)

#30 Jackson Whistle (95)
#1 Payton Lee (96)
#40 Angus Redmond (95)

The schedule for Monday looks like this:


9:00 – 10:30 Grey Skate

10:45 – 12:15 Black Skate

12:30 – 1:30 Goalies

5:00 – 7:00 Black vs Grey

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