Main Camp Underway, Grey & Black Roster Trimmed Again

After 2 Rookie Camp games and an intense Goalie session for the youngsters (facing shots from alumni Evander Kane, Brendan Gallagher, Craig Cunningham, Lance Bouma, Cody Franson and Neil Manning), most of the players from rookie camp were re-assigned, while 17 were moved on to main camp. However, most of those players simply participated in practice, while only 4 played in the Grey/Black game, and they were all defensemen; Jake Kohlhauser, Tyler Leicht, Shaun Dosanjh and Reid Zalitach. Zalitach and Kohlhauser joined Main Camp Team Black, whie Dosanjh and Leicht joined Main Camp Team Grey.

In between a Grey and Black practice (which is just as intense each day as the last), the two teams scrimmaged against each other. The format for this scrimmage alternated. There were only 2 periods – the first period was 25 minutes running time, and the second period was 20 minutes of stoppage time. Both mini-games, though, were one-sided in favour of the black team. In the first game, Black took it 4-1 (scorers were unavailable), while the second game saw Black shut out Grey 2-0 (Matt Grant and Cain Franson picked up the goals). Between the pipes, Liam Liston played the entire first mini-game for Black, giving up just 1 goal, while Zachary Rakochy and Angus Redmond combined for the shutout for Black in the 2nd mini-game. For Grey, Tyler Fuhr gave up 1 and Brandon Stone gave up 3 in their combined work in the first game. In the 2nd mini-game, Jackson Whistle gave up a pair of goals, playing in the entire 20 minutes.

At the conclusion of the final practice of the day for Team Black (following the scrimmage), another set of re-assignments were made (including main camp players), in order to get down to 2 regular-sized teams.

This was the largest camp the Giants have had in over 5 years, and so there were a lot of releases to be made and a lot of work cut out for the coaching staff and scouts. Grey is now left with an extra forward, so they are carrying 13 forwards, 6 defensemen and 3 goalie, while Black is carrying a regular roster of 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 3 goalies.

21 total players were released:

Kole Bryks
Michael Eskra
Jesse Roach
Ty Ronning
Bradley Crompton
Darien Head
Jakob Stukel
Derek Bulmer
Justin Loroff
Mitch Makin
Stephen Penner
Zachary Rakochy
Brian Zwick
Quinn Rydland
Ram Brar
Jeremy Brooks
Jared Iron
Jared Jerome
Matthew Rypien
Sean Sayers
Johl Swedlo

The new rosters for Grey & Black heading into Sunday are as follows:


#14 Taylor Makin (92)
#19 Nathan Burns (93)
#17 Jackson Houck (95)
#9 Matt Grant (93)
#20 Thomas Foster (96)
#7 Matt Bellerive (94)
#23 Brodyn Nielsen (94)
#24 Austil Vetterl (94)
#12 Landon Gross (96)
#25 Jack Surbey (95)
#11 James Severs (96)
#10 Nicholas Jones (96)
#16 Carter Popoff (95)

#5 Wes Vannieuwenhuizen (92)
#4 Reid Zalitach (96)
#8 John Niebrandt (92)
#6 Shaun Dosanjh (96)
#20 Tyler Leicht (96)
#3 Kiefer McNaughton (93)

#33 Liam Liston (93)
#31 Tyler Fuhr (95)
#41 Brandon Stone (93)


#16 Taylor Vickerman (96)
#25 Jordan Martinook (92)
#22 Ales Kilnar (93)
#21 Cain Franson (93)
#18 Anthony Ast (95)
#9 Dalton Sward (94)
#23 Logan Harland (95)
#15 Riley Kieser (93)
#10 Scott Cooke (94)
#19 Charles Lillies (94)
#20 Wyatt Johnson (95)
#17 Mitch Foyle (96)

#8 Tyler Morrison (95)
#6 David Musil (93)
#2 Brett Kulak (94)
#5 Brett Griffin (94)
#26 Jake Kohlhauser (96)
#4 Blake Orban (94)

#30 Jackson Whistle (95)
#1 Payton Lee (96)
#40 Angus Redmond (95)

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